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Volume # X


 Over 70 Poems

 Highly Erotic and Sensual Poems Intended for Mature Lovers

About Eve                                                         Black Panties                                                      Best Breasts                                                Made to be curious                                        Make it Sing                                                Pussy juice                                                    Long & Luxurious                                             The Master-debate                                       Bouncing Ball                                                   Of Sex and Love                                             Soixante neuf                                                 The G Spot                                                    Pure Music                                                 Purified by fire                                              Household Chores                                         What's for dinner                                        Kountry is Kewel                                             The World's Greatest Lover                             Penis with a heart                                        Pussy with a purpose                                     Fuck me now I'll pay You later                       Spring Lay                                                  Travel Tryst                                               Sperm-etry in Motion                                      Ménage ŕ something                                      Near and Under, Over and Above                      Finger licking good                                       Mother-fucker                                            Pregnant Pussy                                              The Colors of Eve                                          Deep Down                                               Heavenly Bodies                                             New Wonder anew                                        Today                                                        Lingering in Love                                            Adam's Dream                                              Tease Pleasers                                               The Kiss                                                       Morning Coo & moon bay                                 Positions (10,000 variations of five)                    Rutting Deer                                                 Lotus Blossom                                             Vanquished Beast                                         Gentle Lady                                                 Pillow Talk                                                  10,000 words                                               Toys                                                          Roles                                                          Cunnilingus and fellatio                                  Massage                                                     Shock & Quiver                                           Ravish                                                          Bald Monkeys                                                    Virgin-Whore                                              Reasons for                                                Refrain for                                                       gifts                                                              screaming                                                        Tops                                                            Tight fit                                                    Fingers and Toes                                        Taught sensitivity                                      Medulla oblongata  - Cerebellum                             The Flower of Youth                                      Soul-love                                                      We-find                                                          Breath-touching Whisper-breathing                      the Theater and the Ballet                                 No Horizon

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This is: Volume # X



Volume # XI


The Titles *


  1. Final Chapter (for Chris E. & Daniel H.)

    Running Man

    Not the last Boy Scout

    Every Face

    The Love of Sad

    Winter Solstice



    All or Nothing

    T. Truck

    stages of the Freak

    My Friend (for Sandi)

    What We Water

    Chasing Love

    The Want of Not

    Dream Poem (the people's poet)


    Ennato Spirito (Italian - "inborn spirit")


    The Organ of Fire (the anger within the furnace)



    When - Then

    Between the grave and the glory

    Where Dreams are Born

    Romeo and Juliet 2000



    Where deer and antelope play

    Home from the range

    Wet Ones



    Endless Rivers

    It is in Your Hands


    Out of the Soil


    Spare Change

    Model Prisoner

    The Night the Lights went out in Believing

    Heart-iac Arrest

    False Security Syndrome

    Freedom of Speech

    Freedom of The Press

    Freedom of Religion

    Lawful Assembly

    The Moral Minority

    Collision Course


 This is: Volume # XI

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Volume # XII

  1. Where Clouds Come to Cry



  4. The Droplets


  6. Where Clouds Come to Cry
  7. Roads Rivers and Rails
  8. Bella Vista
  9. Prevalent Winds
  10. Big Sky
  11. A question of dark and light
  12. Sage
  13. Moonlight Michigan
  14. The Little Chapel on Beaver Lake
  15. Sunday
  16. Clouds I’ve Never Seen
  17. Running the Rim
  18. The Bow of God
  19. Voices on The Wind
  20. Golden Shower
  21. The Erie Canal
  22. Smile behind the Small
  23. Olathe Mess ‘ah
  24. Rock-a-bye Baby
  25. Shared Breath
  26. Secret of the Mountains
  27. If Dorothy was from…
  28. dare to stake against the stings
  29.  Phenomenon
  30. High Chaparral
  1. The Wisps of Whine Valley
  2. Effluvium
  3. Barcaloungers in the Opening
  4. Snowbow
  5. Pieces of Puffs
  6. Masterpieces
  7. Cloudprints
  8. Moonbow
  9. Adrift
  10. The House of Clouds
  11. Green Mountain Clouds
  12. Niagara
  13. Mississippi Misted
  14. Kansas ‘Kry
  15. Shepard of The Hills
  16. Ocean
  17. Sleep
  18. Gold Clouds
  19. Silver Clouds
  20. Green Clouds
  21. Blue Clouds
  22. Red Clouds
  23. Violet Clouds
  24. How Clouds were Born
  25. Cloud River
  26. Sky Sailing
  27. Breakthru’
  28. Where the Sun draws her water

 This is: Volume # XII

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Volume # XIII

semi-erected Verbiage

Over 50 Poems

 Irreverent Poems Intended for A Mature Audience

A dereliction as opposed to a collection

nearly erect  prose or poetry

and other non-anal retentive matters

with the express purpose of them one day becoming erect

to be able to spill some seed

of meaningful specifics

This is: Volume # XIII

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Volume # XIV




*WOMAN                                               Port of Recall                                  Always something more                           Sands of Time                                     Lake Trip I, II, III                                      Unfettered                                                If I could be...                                             Kindness                                                The Steam Spangled Banner                    I'm Packing                                        Cobalt Blue                                                        Sun & Moon                                         Addendum                                    Inkwell                                                   Without Scent orBlush                               The faces of Love                              Change                                             Shadow Dancing                                     Ax & Tree                                           Blues born                                            Sweet Dreams                                          A cool sip of water                                     The Strength of Tender                       Cry for an Open Door                        Fluer de La Ruisseau (flower of the brook)    Pure Music                                                 The Ides of March                                      Empath                                              Bottle                                                      Masterpiece                                         Violin                                                      The Colors of Eve

The Apron                                       Solstice of Soul                                  1,000 Candles                                   Super sternal notch Butter                                             Lingerie                                    Strawberry Blush                                 The Wonder of Not new               Journey to the Center of the Earth Desperately Seeking...                  Breathe In                                            The Making of a Diamond (a girl's best friend)  Missed Opportunity                              Not Once                                            Living Photography                              Gift of Grace                                  Seasons of Life

This is: Volume # XIV

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Volume # XV

The City of the Clouds

Ye Legends

*Introduction:The Stuff of Legends                        *It Begins: A Divining
*The City of the Clouds                                     *Knocking Knave                                                         Fair Maiden                                                              The Birth of Blue                                                      The Eel of Electric Land (the 1st challenge)           The Garden of Tranquility (for Princess Nur)          *The Peacock Princess & the Arch of Colored Snow *The Shite Gate                                                  Hanging in Balance                                                  City in Flux                                                            Battle of the gods for The City of the Clouds         Tail of the Dragon                                                        Is It?                                                                     Smoke & Fire                                             Pindarphia's Ode of Pash & Ectasia              Tintangel Door                                                          *Oh Avalon Captured                                                             
Make Free                                                              Soul Stealer                                                              *and the raindrops became...                             Wyvern the Ancient                                        Crescent Moon (metaphor of men and caves) Hippocrene                                                           Loton of Lightening Lake (2nd challenge)         Royal Decree                                                       When Light Fails Mentor                                                             *Princess Aislinn                                                       The Anvil of Vulcan & The Hammer of Thor   Mount Olympus

Lady of the Lake                                                       St. Nectan's Kieve & Waterfall                     Merlin's Cave                                                  Beneath the Oak                                           Sherwood Forest
Camelot Castle                                                    Mists & Myths & Marshes                          Repunsel (Let down your heart) Knighted                                                              
Lady Diana

Beyond Yon Rounded Table                                 Grail Quest                                                        Persius                                                                   Atlas & Hercules                                              Sindbad & Aladdin                                                 Lord & King, Peter of Pan                                Apollo, Cupid & Daphene                         Methusalah & Medussa                               Heaven's Rocked                                                    The Spider Queen                                           *Wizards, Warlocks, Witches & Winds            Mannin (Isle of Man)                                       Dragon Seed Sower                                                The Prince & the Pauper (2002)                           Time Warper                                                           The Astral                                                              King of Babylon the deity usurper                         The Valley of Human Need                          Continual Stroke                                                Lucifer Oh Once Bright & Morning Star Swarm                                                                      The god of Cries, Lies & Flies                      Madness Darkness                                         Descent of the gods - Ascent of Mortals               The Sods and Gomorz Righteous                                                                The Puff of Pride & the Mark of Meekness Leviathan                                                                  The Galaxy Swallower                                     Piercing

Razor Mouth                                                       Eruptus Interuptus                                                Mida & Cretious Shadowland                                                           Frost Hag                                                                Life Eater                                                               Final Destruction                                           Implosion Explosion                                                The Sea of Nothing                                               After the Silence...                                                  The gods have not died 


This is: Volume # XV


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