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Posted 5/9/06

   Those of you who would enter these pages belonging to  DAHNI.COM & I-MAGINE  will see the little "Copyright ©" notice on all original work! When and where possible, credit will be given and/or on-line links to the author(s) of material used for which we have right or permission to use.

   The word "copyright" or the symbol "©" mean that laws exist to protect against reproduction, redistribution or preparing derivative works

(A derivative work is one based on the copyrighted work of another where simple wording

was changed but the main body of the work remained the same.

This also applies to the manipulation, altering or changing of images, music and sound files.)

   Here is an image we are sure you recognize!)

MicrosoftClip.jpg © Microsoft Corporation

(from Microsoft© Word 7.0 © Clip Gallery)

   See the little mouse? Run and Click little mouse! Perhaps, you should kill the little mouse unless you know how to control the little mouse! Are we being a smart-ass here? No, but we are SERIOUS!

   Putting a web page on-line that endeavors to be useful, entertaining and appealing, requires a lot of WORK! If you would like images, text and HTML for your own personal use, make them yourself, use only material that is in "the public domain" (meaning anyone can freely use them) or ASK PERMISSION! If you do NOT agree to this, DO NOT ENTER HERE! If you do NOT abide by this, then you are in violation of the law!

   This site was designed for your enjoyment and NOT to be stolen from! Remember in school, the teachers taught us to "do your own work," and not to be a "copy cat?"

   Computer viruses can be implanted into almost anything on-line. There is no such thing as privacy, deleting files, secure servers, encrypted e-mail or a firewall! THERE IS NO PLACE ON THE INTERNET THAT CAN NOT BE BROKEN INTO (including your computer and access to your personal and private files) if someone knows how, has the intention, ability and opportunity to do so! Unless you know whom you are dealing with, unless you have permission to copy anything, unless you understand the law and you know what you are doing, KILL THE LITTLE MOUSE! You might as well forget about having ever learned how to copy and paste while you're at it! 'No right click' scripts have been installed to prevent MOST from saving images to file.  Yes, we know there are ways around it, but we're certainly NOT going to reveal them here!  If someone really wants to steal intentionally, there's not much that can be done about that,  but if they get caught, well that's another matter. 

      It is our belief that most people are honest and if something is appreciated we like to have copies.  It is an unintentional mistake to take without permission perhaps,  but it is still WRONG!  Please be careful and try to think about others.  There is nothing like working very hard on this site only to find your stuff somewhere else on Internet, without permission, payment or credit given to the origin of the material.

   This site is basically free of banner ads so you are not harassed while visiting here.  Basically free means the same thing as free and there is nothing free!  Someone or something pays for everything.  We like to share, we do and we will continue, but this is NOT a FREE SITE.  Original music will soon be posted here and this 'aint gonna be like Napster.  We will offer clips and midi files, but if you want the whole thing guess what?  Yep, you will have to pay the artists and that goes for anything offered here for purchase. 

   Are we serious about protecting our work and the work of others? We are serious enough to pursue any unauthorized use of articles, graphics or artistic endeavors used on this site!!

   Violating these laws can bring some serious consequences. Your e-mail accounts can be removed. Your sites and even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can be taken off the web for "stealing" copyrighted works. Then, there is the matter of criminal prosecution! Do NOT download anything from the web, including images, music, sound files, text and HTML unless you have permission to do so from the owner(s).

(Permission will be posted on this site where applicable, but ONLY

if proper credit and/or a link is provided to this site!)

   Don't take our word for how serious this matter is! Read it for yourself from the web site of The U.S. Copyright Office.


© The United States Copyright Office


   You CAN take our word that we will pursue any violations of copyright infringement! Beware! Also note that shoplifting is a crime too!

   For those of you that are law-abiding citizens or have not been aware of these things, we say this. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, but we are sure that you understand. There is also, a term in law enforcement most are familiar with and that is,

"Ignorance of the law is no excuse!"

   If you have any questions about what is or what is not copyrighted on this site, please contact us before using it. Please submit your requests to:


Upon receipt of your e-mail, you must be willing to and provide the necessary information in writing (snail-mail or U.S. Post Office mail) that you are WHO you say you are! Only upon receipt of your e-mail and after considering your requests will you be provided with the proper response.

   Now before entering into this site, you do so with the knowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be held responsible for the contents of this page. If you do not, DO NOT ENTER!

By clicking on the link to follow and by entering into this site, you are agreeing to abide by the contents of this page!


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