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Volume # I


 Over 130 Poems and Illustrations in over 200 pages (autobiographical) unintended for publication


  See The Cover Art, Editor's Notes

This is: Volume # I


Volume # II



  1. titles


  3. *The Tear and the Tender

  4. *From a Journal
  5. I'm Still Alive
  6. I'm glad I took the chance
  7. Knoxville, TN at The World's Fair
  8. To Janice in England
  9. *excerpt from: Deep Waters
  10. Greetings
  11. *To a Friend/To a Loved One
  12. *X's & O's
  13. Roy Key
  14. Christopher
  15. Alicia
  16. Mr. C. E. Bass
  17. In & out of Course
  18. Ann Marie
  19. *Skopeó
  20. *Get Out
  21. *Tragedy
  22. Defining Greatness
  23. *Can't Fill His Shoes
  24. The One Who Dares
  25. I Wonder
  26. *TADAH
  27. *Wake up
  28. A Kiss Upon The Waters
  29. *To the Collector of My Debt
  30. Garden
  31. excerpt from: The Lady of the Green Dress
  32. From 35 cents to Caddy
  33. *Pull up a Chair
  34. The Richest of all Riches
  35. Oscar Paul Burt
  36. excerpt from: My Mom and I
  37. excerpt from 'Attitubes'
  38. Splat
  39. Excuses
  40. Once - Twice - Thrice
  41. Dah' Computers
  42. excerpt from: Surfin' the Net
  43. Dreamstorm'
  44. Haiku?
  45. excerpt from: The Wind in my Hair
  46. Coming Home
  47. *Love Letters
  48. Me
  49. Leaves me Alone
  50. GrandSlam
  51. The Foxes and The Boxes of Rocks-es'
  52. Transitions and Shifting Paradigms
  53. 501
  54. Posture
  55. excerpt from: Living in America
  56. My Native State
  57. I Just Wanted to Get Published
  58. Soar
  59. Writing
  60. *
  61. Opus
  62. Just a Whisper
  63. Better
  64. Thank You

 This is: Volume # II

  See The Cover Art, Editor's Notes and Purchase Information


Volume # III

Talons and

  1. titles


  3. *Talons and Feathers
  4. Opus
  5. Notes to the Heart
  6. Just a Whisper
  7. Sonnet 101
  8. *Blessed Garden
  9. Writing
  10. *Insipid Spiders and Scorpions of Pernicious      Pedigrees
  11. *The Ant and The Spider
  12. Sweet N’ Sour
  13. *Living in America
  14. Surviving Anthologies
  15. Role Models
  16. Slap on The Cheek, A spit in The Face
  17. *Ninety One Keys
  18. First Movement
  19. Rich Enough
  20. Percolator or Drip?
  21. *Lion and Man
  22. The sage of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme
  23. Fair Weather
  24. *Half Empty or Half Full
  25. *The Old Man and The Old Woman in The Shoes
  26. Wrinkles
  27. A Heart-ic Exercises
  28. Lifeflow
  29. *Mathematical Axiom

 This is: Volume # III

  See The Cover Art, Editor's Notes and Purchase Information


Volume # IV



*Sandals                                            *Jamaica Mistake-ah                         *Ballast                                                     Dop Doing Dat                                   Hybrid                                                     Star of the Show                                  Pest                                             Walkabout                                          Three Strings                                     Green Sheets                                         Bud                                                   Nicotine & Caffeine                               *The rape of Mêsôl                        Beautiful Women                                   Coo Loosed                               Dishwasher                              *Communing with the amused muse? Balloon on a string                               That dog won't hunt                      *Sextant                                            *Beating Heart or fleeting thought Breath Savers                                     Moist                                                   Amuck                                                         If                                                         *Drippy                                                   freak show                                                 If I could                                              *Snow White                                             Full Contact                                         *Ducks in the cemetery                        Janet                                                       The Box and the Silent Wave           forty-something                                  Two-faced twelve face                         Got to Take it Easy' Män                  Naked and Free

This is: Volume # IV

  See The Cover Art, Editor's Notes and Purchase Information


Volume # V



On the Wings of Words                                          Great Lover & Friend                                  Mockingbird                                                               Shift                                                                          *nique-You                                                               *Season of the Which                                                 Enigmatic Paradoxlogy                                           Prism                                                                              A room with a View                                              Nature’s Nurture                                                        Take me back                                                          Moon Dance                                                               On the threshold of Millennium Two                      Just a letter                                                          What's a broken to do                                                To hold on or to let go                                           Glitch or Glimpse                                                      *Rib                                                                            Rug                                                                 Unabridged                                                              Artist                                                                       Feels like Home                                                       Two Too Twain                                                            In Moment                                                                     *a cappella a capriccio                                              Ugly                                                                      Caress                                                                   Liquid                                                                Chillerril                                                                      Go ahead                                                        *RiverMoon                                                            *Papillon                                                                 Trompe l’oeil                                                        Rainbow                                                                    Boot Scooping Boogie                                             Carpe diem                                                               What does it take                                                         Sex                                                                  Disengage                                                                 The other side of time                                             Your Eyes and Name just before waking                The leaf and the bean                                              *Verve                                                                   Chasing Shadows                                                      *Re-volt                                                                      The gods have not died                                           Last Kiss                                                            Panoply O’ Canopy                                             Eclipse                                                                 semper fidelis                                               Intercourse                                                                The day of Truth                                                         *O-dys-seus, od-ys-sey?                                        Euclid if you wanted to                                          *Mass Destruction                                             Toujours Jamais                                                      Odd-even                                                             Lullaby                                                                   Finale d’ Flight

This is: Volume # V


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