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Volume # VI



The Ache                                                 The Eve Week of Next Year                      The Gift                                                     *Artinarily'                                   ABRACADABRA                                                     Rope                                                           bit off more than could chew          Happy New Year                                      Well                                                        Four Letter Word                                     Have You Ever                                  Entrée Unnamed                                     *The Wall                                                      E-mail                Apex                                                      Does It Matter                                     *Brick by Brick                                        Shrill Cry                                                  *Color                                                        Shower                                                         *broken                                                  Broken Wings                                               *Butterfly Kisses                          Profundity                                             Two kinds of Love                                *New Arrival                                       Spawn                                                 Storm                         Rain                                                         The rape of rage                        Beginding                                     Riverborn                                          Still by Quill and Candle                       *Suck                                             Awakened to a lifetime                          The brush of thy wings                    Hands                                                       Kiss                                                        From afar                                              Sniff                                                         Lost & Found                                      Image                                                  *Apple for the Teacher                        *Wall-Heart (The Super Center)         Myst of the mourning                           Pain                                                     Colour of breathless                                 If I should die tonight


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This is: Volume # VI



Volume # VII


    *Arrow (Ravnsong Part 1)                               *Ravnsend (Ravnsong Part 2)                             *Passage (Ravnsong Part 3)                             *Daybreak (Ravnsong Part4)                               *The Touch (Ravnsong Part 5)                        *Lone Wolf                                                       *Reflection                                                            *Castoff                                                      *Dreamcatcher                                                  *Kiss of  Sun Sigh of Moon *Smoke                                                                     *Three Ravens                                                    *Firestick                                                         *Brightface                                                               *Flow                                                                      *Rivers Creeks and Streams                            *Snow Dance *Wind                                                           *Spring Rain                                                 *Voices of Tears                                                 *Poet of The Colored Beads                     *Lapping Shores                                           *Inside Out                                                       *Laughing Eyes

     *Bending                                                          *His-story                                                        *Never Hidden *Trial                                                                    *Woman                                                                      *Man                                                                           *One                                                                     *Painted Pony                                               *Brightwhite                                                              *Into Blue                                                       *Thirst                                                              *Canyon Voices    *Wings                                                                      *Ravn                                                                        *Song                                                                *Ravnsong                                                       *Addendum                                                          *Canyon Echoes 


 This is: Volume # VII

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Volume # VIII

 Table of Contents

  *Love Notes                                    *Freshly picked

  Honeysuckle                                     Love is all

  Treasure Tin                                    Heartmaker

  Touch                                             *Thread

  Inch one                                           Bamboo

  a dog named Bo…                           Need

  Burning fingers                                All things beautiful

  How did we -How can we               Flame

  Get to me get to You                       Find me

*Wine kisses                                      Only one flower

  Chill                                                Shall

*You asked me                                 Gatekeeper

  Look into my eyes                        *Twinkle

  Sleep music                                    date of the heart

  How could we                                Trail of leaves

  From this moment                         Best East

  Original                                         Breath

  Cinnamon and Rose                      Crescent Moon

  She Knows Not                              Little Child

  Nectar                                            Monkeyshines

*I think of You                                 I wish you well

  Landscape                                      Sleep Dream

  Our Song                                        Many Ways

  Somehow                                       Signs and Seasons

  Holiday                                         Moontow

  Tree Song                                      Cookie Jar

  X's & O's                                     *Wall-Heart

*Origami                                      *Post-its

  …and the Tree Speaks                  In-flame

  Too Short                                      Lilacs and Lilies

*Single Roses                                  Can I ever

  Jump                                             …and


This is: Volume # VIII

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 Volume # IX

Over 50 Poems

  Intended for A Mature Audience


Table of Contents

*Behind the mask                                                 


Rabid Dog



My waters break


*At the edge of the fence line


The broom and the dustpan

*The Mime



So hard


The bull and the heifer




Gone erotic and neurotic

"where do you want to go today"


Out of the mouths of babes

Wipe and wash of hands


*Road kill café

Picking up some strange



The longest, hardest, thickest, wettest, deepest

*Vulgar tongue

Beast unleashed

Stark naked

*The Killing Fields




The ? of rage




Tips and Av's













Drunk in excess

Sniff and Lick

Happy or cold

Waz A Matter U


Freud's heyday

Full-still empty



*Masking Tape


This is: Volume # IX

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