Another example is by Maxfield Parish. Parish was considered to be nothing more than an illustrator and was highly criticized in the artistic community. His works however, were wildly popular and an overwhelming number of homes in America had prints of his works on calendars, postcards and other items during the height of his success. He was considered 'commercial' and disdained artistically by critics. His technical skill was non-existent by the same critics and his unrealistic use of color and imaginary settings were cited as to their reasons. Perhaps his use of color and subject matter are actually part of his technique, to draw the viewer into his work? Despite the critics, he was popular among the people because, his works stir within us, our own imagination and leave us with a feeling of wonder and adventure; perhaps hope, certainly curiosity and imagination. 

   According to my definition of the 'ARTS', these examples show masterful technique and/or spiritual/emotional appeal. It is my belief that in life, anything shared among people must use technique to the end that it encourages a better state in us at our departure, than when we first meet.

   All of us often see what we want to see; believe what we want to believe and interpret life many times, according to our own experience, but experience may be based on truth and it may not be.

   Although I do not profess to be a master of anything, as no two fingerprints are identical, we each are unique and I am constantly striving to be the very best that I can be. I learn and endeavor to employ techniques that will influence rather than manipulate; to draw others into the work. My goal in sharing these with others is to encourage, inspire, give hope, brighten a way, give you cheer and peace and no matter how difficult or traumatic the subject matter, in the end that one might overcome or at the least, to resolve a matter. All of this for the end purpose that something good, may be taken away with you.

   Though a grown man, I still have the heart of a child. I just want to share with others that which has deeply touched my life. It is my desire and my hope that my work might do the same for you!

   I do not use pigments mixed with elephant dung or the cremated remains of some loved one. I do not manipulate corpses into my work.  I do not design jewelry with live cockroaches. These and many other such bizarre practices are not only being done in the name of art, they are celebrated.

   I do not set out to 'SHOCK' you. I do NOT seek to deceive or manipulate you. I do not seek to be controversial, iconoclastic, or 'splashy.' I do not have some huge ego that needs to be fed or stroked. Though 'grey' and 'gray' may exist in art, my focus is upon what is black and white; light and dark and never to confuse the two or you.

   If upon viewing, reading or experiencing my own completed work, if they do NOT move me, make me feel better or inspire me to be a better person, I sure as hell am NOT going to share them with anyone else! If I do not believe it is something worth sharing, I will NOT work on it in the first place. If in the end it fails to move me, I have and will continue to destroy them, leaving neither evidence nor memory!!! If it pains me, why should I or how could I leave them to be found after my life ceases? Answer? I shouldn't, couldn't and wouldn't!!

   Quite simply then, my works are either inviting and leave you with having had a worthwhile experience or they do not. You either like them or you don't.

   In a word then, I am a poet and one that "does" and "makes," many things.  I merely try to capture "beauty" and communicates this to others. If my techniques are sound and the spiritual or emotional side is light, then perhaps you and others; critics and friends, will one day refer to me as an artist. Until if and when such time arrives, these are my intentions: to influence in a positive way and to contribute something worthwhile to your life.

   By the way, as life is made up of many different things and many different people, I just happen to have many different interests. At one time in my life I wanted to be a Doctor, specializing in gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics. I desired to help care for women, assist them in bringing children into the world and then help care for their children. Ever since the 6th grade, I have loved anatomy and the human body. I tell you this now, as some of my works contain nudity, partially clad subjects and sexual or adult content. I do not apologize for this, but give notice that some content here may not be suitable for every age group. I do not expect everyone to like, appreciate or agree with everything I do.

   Until we meet again, see you here, there or somewhere!


Love Yah,



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