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Our 15th and final annual online Advent closed 12/31/2012 - see  

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   2 New Galleries now open - see the new Kanji Haiku collection

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     New Abstract Gallery #3 

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   New images for Artscapes Gallery #3                                                                            

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New image for Artscapes Gallery #5b

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   Latest works of art by Dahni's in a slide show may be seen at: 


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   New Original Music sample now available. See, learn about and hear 'Yestermints.' Click the rusty tin of mints.

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   Dahni's Daily blog may be seen at: 


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      In 2006 we toured the wonderful country of Japan and share many of these experiences with you online.  Please click on the following image to experience some Japanese culture.

Click the image above  for: 'Japan, Land of the Rising Sun'



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