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Updated 1/25/2014

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René Descartes - Cogito ergo sum (French: Je pense, donc je suis; English: "I think, therefore I am;" Or "I am thinking, therefore I exist")

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William Shakespeare - The phrase "to be, or not to be" comes from  'Hamlet(written about 1600), act three, scene one.

Just I-Imagine - 'Just I-Magine'
Dahni Daily
- 'Dahni Daily' - Arts & Entertainment (It may not be daily, but you could read it every day!)
Dirty Little Secrets - 'Dirty Little Secrets' (It's NOT what you might think!)
Your Daily Cookie - 'Your Daily Cookie' (Something you can really take a bite out of!)'
Jeanetics 101 - Jeanetics 101 - (Genes are Sexy) - just for fun
Screwed or Enthused - 'Screwed or Enthused' (A Blog For, Of and By, WE the People)
An American Eagle - 'An American Eagle' (A story, "When imagination becomes real.")
As Eye See it  - As Eye See It  (Just Stuff that catches My Eye)- a blog from the

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